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Psychotherapy in english and Forensic Psychological Reports in Madrid

Counselling and psychotherapy is the treatment of symptoms of depression or anxiety, relationship problems, stress or other emotional  difficulties.

Eleva offers you a first consultation free, so you have the opportunity to meet us and decide if you wish to start a therapy which generally  have a duration, depending on the issue, between 5 and 15 sessions. Some chronic disorders need more time (6-12 months). The frequency is normally per week or forthnight.

- Couple’s therapy is useful when there is conflict between members:

  1.  Problems of communication
  2.  Stress from cross-cultural experiencies in mixed couples coming from different countries
  3.  Jealousy or infidelity

Depending on the specific problema or personal preference, there are different approaches in the treatment such as cognitive-behavioural thérapy, EMDR (Eye movement and desensitization and reprocessing), clinical hypnotherapy, PNL, Mindfulness.


The psychological experts provide forensic assessment of psychological damage or mental state, being often required as experts in courts and tribunals, acting as experts witness for guidance during trials.

The expert psychologist acts in criminology, civil and labour law, his skills including mental health evaluation which will be compiled in a written report.  providing expert opinion over psychological aspects of the defendant o any other party involved in legal proceedings.

Psicólogos Eleva Madrid provides forensic assessment and legal reports.  We are experienced and registered psychologists working in Spain.